Sunday, April 4, 2021

Introducing The Jobisez EDI Dashboard

Progress continues at Jobisez LLC.  Our last post talked about how we increased the speed and file size (from 500KB to 10MB) of the Online Translator.  In this email we introduce your own EDI Dashboard on the Jobisez site.  On the Dashboard, you will be able to view the transactions you have processed using the Online Translator.  Please contact us if you have any suggestions as this Dashboard is a new functionality added to the website. 

More enhancements coming soon!  Such as…

  1. (Optionally) create FAs when a Transaction Set is processed.
  2. Cross document lookup (ie. Look up an Order# or UPC# across all documents processed).
  3. Business Intelligence:
  1. Analytics on your EDI 852 data.
  2. Tying the EDI 852, 830, 832 and 846 for JIT and CR.

  1. Using Dropbox as a “hot” directory to process your EDI.  Then there would be no need for uploading files using the website.
  2. Use a Contractor to build a “Jobisez map” which would create an output format that your organization desires.

 The EDI Online Translator is also very helpful with translating document types that you do not have a map for already.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Online Translator Improvements

We have been very busy at Jobisez LLC to make your experience even a better one on the Jobisez website.  Lately we have been improving the infrastructure by making the EDI Online Translator even quicker.  We have increased the maximum EDI file size you can process, using the Online Translator, from 500 kilobytes to 10 megabytes.  The Translator can process any ANSI-X12 or UN-EDIFACT transaction set.  So, do not be surprised when you process a 2 MB file (for example) and it seems to take only one or two seconds.  

As you know, the translated file creates a CSV file which is emailed to you and the CSV file is also placed in your Dropbox.  (When you initially signed up for an Account, you received an email which described how to interface with the Jobisez Dropbox system.)  Simply put, you only need to install Dropbox on your Desktop (go to for instructions on how to install their desktop app). 

You may also have noticed that the EDI 816s and EDI 852s work best in the Online Translator because they, in nature, spreadsheet friendly.  The other document types also create CSV files but are more generic in nature.  If you wish to see other document types in a fancier format, please contact us

When you translate a large EDI file through the translator, it most like create a very large CSV file, when that file is emailed to you, your email provider might not be able to process the email due to its size.  So, you will need to use the Dropbox app to get the CSV file.  And it is for this reason Jobisez LLC may eliminate the emailing of the CSV files.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

How to Delete your Jobisez Account

If you wish to delete your Jobisez Account, please follow these instructions...

1. Sign on to Jobisez at .

2. Click your Name which is located on the top of the page.

3. Then Click 'Delete Account' near the bottom of the next page.

4. For confirmation, reenter your credentials and click the 'Permanently Delete' button.

Sorry to see you go.  

Best Regards.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Year End Considerations for your EDI Program

As you know, the site has been expanding since 2006 by giving you more and more relevant EDI information.  The site has trading partner information, implementation guidelines and a knowledgebase.

But did you also know that Jobisez LLC can also help lower your EDI costs?  By joining a group of other smaller companies, your KC volume falls into a better pricing tier.  That pricing tier lowers your EDI VAN cost.  But do not worry, you will still get your very own VAN mailbox with your own sign on credentials.  Fill out the form on this page if you are interested in saving money,

Thank you for your time,
Jobisez LLC.