Wednesday, September 18, 2019

How to Delete your Jobisez Account

If you wish to delete your Jobisez Account, please follow these instructions...

1. Sign on to Jobisez at .

2. Click your Name which is located on the top of the page.

3. Then Click 'Delete Account' near the bottom of the next page.

4. For confirmation, reenter your credentials and click the 'Permanently Delete' button.

Sorry to see you go.  

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Compare List of EDI VANs

This post is solely dedicated to EDI VAN News and Updates. We have listed many posts on the subject matter and now have decided to create this post so you can compare the EDI VANs for yourself.

We will be adding to this post as new VANs and events come to our attention, so please feel free to bookmark this site or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Here is the information we have collected on
Inovis, GXS, Sterling Commerce, nuBridges, Kleinschmidt, EasyLink, NetEDI and Interdata.

You can also check out our About section where we list important links to the EDI VAN sites helping you navigate their sites important pages.

Each posting has a "comments" section. Be sure to read what others are saying about these EDI VANs, or feel free to post your own comments.

More about EDI VAN Pricing.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Year End Considerations for your EDI Program

As you know, the site has been expanding since 2006 by giving you more and more relevant EDI information.  The site has trading partner information, implementation guidelines and a knowledgebase.

But did you also know that Jobisez LLC can also help lower your EDI costs?  By joining a group of other smaller companies, your KC volume falls into a better pricing tier.  That pricing tier lowers your EDI VAN cost.  But do not worry, you will still get your very own VAN mailbox with your own sign on credentials.  Fill out the form on this page if you are interested in saving money,

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Monday, April 13, 2015

I Got EDI Data, Now What?

Action, action, we want action, A.C.T---I.O.N.

Okay, so you read our "Making informed Decisions" article, and learned all you could from it.  You noticed the "Action Plan" section and said, "now what?"  Well, if the Solutions in the "Decision Time" blog did not tickle your fancy, then maybe you would like to try the Services offered/suggested by Jobisez LLC. 

If you were emailed an EDI Interchange and would like to process it, you can try the Tools on the website.  One tool translates or converts EDI to CSV.  After the data is translated, then the user will receive an email with the CSV attachment; and data is also available online; and also available on Dropbox.  (Note: Not all transaction sets have a user-friendly CSV format, yet.  But we are working on them.)

If you find that you need some more expertise, perhaps the Freelance Consultants page of consultants is what you are looking for.  Read the entire page to get a better understanding of their experiences.  Or maybe you, yourself, are an EDI Contractor and would like to Post your Resume on the website.

We hope you find these Services helpful.

Thank you for your time,
Jobisez LLC.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

EDI Online Lookup System (BETA)


The beta version of the EDI Online Lookup system is now available. 

In order to use the Lookup system, you will either need to sign-on or create a user-code.  After you translate an Interchange using the EDI Online Translation tool, you can then visit the EDI Online Lookup page to view all your transactions.

This beta version will be growing over the next couple of months.  The plan is to have the Lookup system give you the ability to search for transaction using many different search criteria, then display both the EDI document and a Friendly Online report.

Jobisez LLC.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Translate EDI Interchanges into an Excel CSV Files and Online Report

Over the years, Jobisez LLC has developed online tools to help translate your EDI 315, EDI 816 and EDI 852 transaction sets.  Many people thought, what about all of the other transaction sets!  Well, look no more, Jobisez is announcing a new tool which will translate ANY valid EDI interchange.

This new tool is nearly complete and can be found in the EDI Tools section of the website.  The tool will allow you to translate any EDI Transaction Set into an Online Report and Excel CSV File(s) by browsing for an EDI file on your computer, and clicking "Create CSV" button.

Let's talk "Online Report".  Do you find it difficult to find an Order or Invoice in your EDI files?  Do you want to be able to search all your archived EDI data for a Location, or UPC code?  Do you want to find a specific retailer's 820 document so you can test with it?  Do want the 850, 810 and 856 just by searching on the PO number?  Do you want a tool that you can give access to your user community so they can see if a certain purchase order came in instead of you looking all the time?  Do you want the tool to be robust and search very quickly? 

These are all the criteria Jobisez took to develop the Online Reporting Tool.  We hope you like it!

However, there are some restrictions: The uploaded file must contain complete EDI Interchanges (the EDI file can contain one or more interchanges.)  It will work with ANSI X12  ('ISA' thru 'IEA'), UN-EDIFACT ('UNA/UNB' thru 'UNZ'), and TRADACOMS ('STX' thru 'END').  The uploaded file cannot be more than 500 KCs.

Let us know what you think by responding to this blog.

Thank you,
Jobisez LLC.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Decision Time: In-House or Leverage Existing EDI Technologies

Based on your readings of the "Making informed decisions", "EDI Education", and the "Trading Partner Requirements" you now know what is needed.  It is ok, at this point, if you do not know how to fit "EDI" into your organization.  That is the point of this article.

Each trading partner has their own expectations of what they would like for you to do.  Some may want to exchange the retailer transactions, and other the carrier transactions.  In that case, the EDI system would need to "plug" into your ERP and TMS systems.  Does this seem like a lot of work?  Well, it is.  So the first decision is whether or not to take your entire EDI processing "in house" or to use get some help from a 3rd party.  You can buy costly EDI software which requires computer servers, communication software, and people to run and maintain these on a daily basis; and you will need to keep up with your "Hubs" ever changing EDI requirements.

Or another solution is to leverage pre-existing software from using a 3rd party.  Those solutions and services are plentiful.  Here are a few,

Let's say you want to run your own in-house software, or you already have your own EDI system, you can still leverage off of the EDI VAN solution.  Doing so could help reduce your monthly VAN bill.  Not much work for lots of savings.

Or, you want to outsource your entire EDI processing to a 3rd party.  In essence, to have the outsourcer become your "EDI Department".  Many EDI companies provide this service as well.

Or, perhaps, you are pressured by one or two companies to do EDI, and you do not have anything that resembles an I.T. staff.  EDI Web technology exists to trade EDI via your web browser.

These are to name just a few.  There are more EDI Solutions available as you will see by reviewing the above links.