Monday, March 16, 2015

Making Informed Decisions about your EDI Initiative

There are several factors required in making proper choices for a business decision.  Education, Resources, Incentive and an Action Plan are required for implementing or changing business goals.  The challenges are abundant.  But companies, like Jobisez LLC, take some of the guess work out of executing an effective EDI plan.

Information from a Knowledge Base will be needed to become educated on the past, present and future technologies of the EDI industry.  This data will give you enough information so you can build a vision for your company.

Building your vision takes time and resources.  Knowing your EDI trading partners and their transaction sets is a daunting task.  But, when you understand their requirements, you can start developing a scope for your EDI project.

After building a scope, you begin seeing how tying your ERP and TMS systems into an EDI system can benefit your company.  And you may also start to see the cost involved in such an undertaking.  Such costs may be prohibitive, and perhaps, leveraging off existing EDI Solutions, may help.

Action Plan:
Realistic objectives are needed at this point.  Building and following through on an action plan are key.  Knowing how to plug into the EDI backbone which can get you from point 'A' to point 'B' is crucial.  Looking into some EDI Services may be beneficial in learning about the EDI business intelligence.

Wrap Up: Does your company have the education, the time, the money, and the drive to build and carry out an effective EDI Plan?  Or do you require help?  Try leveraging off of some existing EDI technologies so you can build an effective EDI Solution for your business.

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