Monday, May 12, 2014

UPDATE: Enhancement to EDI 852 Tool to CSV

The SDQ limitation has been lifted. The ZA02 (quantity), ZA03 (UOM), and N9*ST (location) will also be mapped to the CSV when present. Go to this page to convert an EDI 852 to CSV,

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Convert an EDI 816 to Excel CSV File

Jobisez created another translation tool.  This new tool converts an EDI 816 to CSV file.  The Organization Relationship transaction set is sent by the retailers and it contains store location information.

The EDI 816 typically contains Store Name, Duns or GLN number, Address, City, State Zip and Country.  It may also contain Contact Name, Phone, Fax and Email Address.  As well as Effective, Opening and Closing Dates of that Store.

If you do not have a Jobisez account, you can create an account for free.  Then visit the 816 Conversion page.  If you are already signed onto Jobisez, you can "Browse" for an EDI 816 transaction set on your computer and create an Excel file by clicking "Create CSV". Then wait a couple of moments and your initial and translated files will be emailed to you. Upon the receipt of the email, you can then open the CSV file attachment using Excel. Within Excel you can then analyze the Organization Relationships data using the Excel tools you are already familiar with. Please verify that the data generated is correct. (Currently only works with one 'ISA' interchange. The EDI data cannot be more than 250 KCs.)

Visit this page to learn more about the EDI 816 transaction set.

Please respond to this blog post with any questions you may have.

Thank you.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Upgrades to the to the EDI 852 to Excel Tool

Jobisez has added some additional improvements to the EDI 852 conversion to CSV tool.  See the "Improvements to the EDI 852 to Excel Tool" for previous upgrades.

As of February 9th 2014, the Tool also captures the CTP Pricing elements and the Pack and Inner-Pack on the PO4 segment.  These new elements are displayed in the CSV file and you can manipulate these cells using Excel's features that you are already familiar with.

In addition to capturing these elements, the tool has been updated to email you the CSV file instead of displaying converted data on the webpage.  The email will contain your initial EDI file, as well as the converted file.  You can easily store both files together in your email system.

We are preparing to make several more changes in the near future, so keep watching this blog to be updated.  If you have any suggestions on improvements, please contact us.

Jobisez LLC.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jobisez LLC Announces JZNET

Coming soon, the Jobisez Network will give companies the opportunity to transfer data to other organizations for 1 cent per kilo-character.

JZNET is creating a platform to exchange EDI and non-EDI data from one company to another.  JZNET will be using preexisting services that are used by millions of users.  Its backbone is also used by over 95% of the Fortune 500 companies.  These preexisting services are cloud based storage that allow files to be shared.  Using cloud based storage facilities greatly reduces the pricing that a normal "EDI VAN" would charge.

Jobisez LLC will be charging one cent per kilo-character (KC).  There will be three (3) types of billing structures, they are...
1.  Sender pays 1 cent per KC.
2.  One Party pays 1 cent per KC (both sending and receiving).
3.  Each Party pays .5 cents per KC.

There will also be a monthly fee of $10 per mailbox; and they will be a fee of $1 per month for each trading relationship.  (Other fees may be applied that have not been determined yet.)

No need for a traditional VAN.  Using the preexisting cloud-based service, a VAN is not needed to transfer data from one organization to another.  This also helps reduce the cost.

The JZNET will also have a web based application that will be used by the users to view a history of which files and transactions have been processed.

If you are interested in JZNET's 1 cent per KC, please leave comments below.  Jobisez will also be creating more blog entries informing you of our progress.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

EDI VAN Annual Budget

Many companies are planning their next year's annual budget soon.  This is a good time to revisit your current EDI VAN bills and determine if you are paying too much.  For those that are paying too much, you might be able to shave some cents off each KC. 

Some "cents" you say.  Sure!  Remember that a KC (Kilo-Character) is 1000 characters.  If you are exchanging 10,000 KCs a month at 10 cents per KC, that is a total bill of $1000/mo.  Trimming that down to 8 cents per KC would lower your bill to $800/mo.  Which is a saving of $2400 a year. 

Ah, now does it makes sense? 

Some companies also offer tiered pricing.  This means, the more data you exchange, the lower the price per KC.  If you are interested in lowering your VAN bill, then fill-out the Jobisez EDI VAN Form to find out what you could be paying per KC.  The form will ask only for your Name, Email Address and Number of KCs traded last month. 

After entering this information, you will receive an email stating the cost per KC and the advantages you would get from a tiered-1 VAN.  If you like the price, then you will receive an Agreement and we can get the ball rolling. 

Lowering your VAN bill is one of the easier things you can do to meet your company's budget constraints.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Introducing the New Improved Navigation Bar

Google's Ten things we know to be true talks about giving a better user experience.  Jobisez LLC believes this to be true also.  So to give a better user experience, the Navigation Bar was improved and added to each of the webpages.  No more getting lost in the 2500+ webpages.  Using the navbar will help navigate the site.  Also, the pre-existing Search Box allows the user to search the entire site without using the navbar.

The homepage was also changed to quicken up its load time.  Using Pingdom's Load Time tool, the "website is faster than 100% of all tested websites."

We are continually making System Improvements to improve your experience. 

Please Post a Comment and suggest on what improvements you would like to see on the site.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Do you have the right EDI Outsourcing Provider?

Do you find yourself asking "do I have the right EDI Outsourcing Provider"?  Is your provider supporting all your EDI needs, or are you finding yourself doing some of the EDI work yourself.  Also, are you paying the right price, or are you paying too much.

Below you will find a list of several EDI Outsourcing Providers.  If you have received a quote from one of the Outsourcing Providers and you would like to see if you can get the same service at a less expensive cost, you can go to this page and fill out four fields to see if you can get a better EDI Price.

Some of the EDI Providers are...

Pro EDI - Internet EDI Software for Windows, UNIX, and LINUX. Providing an EDI Solution over the Internet. Supports HIPAA, X12, Edifact TRADACOMS and Odette Standards. Reasonably priced.

123 EDI - A EDI software, EDI solution, EDI service and EDI Outsourcing Company. EDI support, EDI translation, web based EDI, EDI solutions for all industries.

CovalentWorks - EDI software solution at Covalent Works. Specializing in EDI software solutions, EDI Outsourcing, EDI outsourcing and EDI transactions.

SPS Commerce - Enable factories and other global trading partners to comply with retailers' requirements while protecting confidential information.

Digital Movers - Provider of EDI Outsourcing, EDI VAN, EDI Web, and Fax Services to companies that need to communicate commerce transaction data electronically with their trading community.

Kleinschmidt - Electronic Data Interchange Value Added Network offers a full range of EDI outsourcing services insuring your ability to efficiently manage your trading partner relationships.

Amosoft - Our managed EDI outsourced services includes day-to-day monitoring and support of your EDI activity. You can alleviate the headaches of managing a personal or compliment your existing people resources. EDI Outsourcing,EDI Services, EDI Solution, EDI Expert, EDI Experts, EDI Solutions, EDI X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA, EDI to XML EDI Tools, EDI Maps, EDI Map, EDI Software, EDI Integration, EDI Conversion, EDI Conversions, EDI Convert.

There are many Providers that are not listed on this blog posting, you can do a search using your favorite Search Engine to find most of the Outsourcing Providers.