Friday, April 3, 2015

Translate EDI Interchanges into an Excel CSV Files and Online Report

Over the years, Jobisez LLC has developed online tools to help translate your EDI 315, EDI 816 and EDI 852 transaction sets.  Many people thought, what about all of the other transaction sets!  Well, look no more, Jobisez is announcing a new tool which will translate ANY valid EDI interchange.

This new tool is nearly complete and can be found in the EDI Tools section of the website.  The tool will allow you to translate any EDI Transaction Set into an Online Report and Excel CSV File(s) by browsing for an EDI file on your computer and clicking "Create CSV" button.

Let's talk "Online Report".  Do you find it difficult to find an Order or Invoice in your EDI files?  Do you want to be able to search all your archived EDI data for a Location, or UPC code?  Do you want to find a specific retailer's 820 document so you can test with it?  Do want the 850, 810 and 856 just by searching on the PO number?  Do you want a tool that you can give access to your user community so they can see if a certain purchase order came in instead of you looking all the time?  Do you want the tool to be robust and search very quickly? 

These are all the criteria Jobisez took to develop the Online Reporting Tool.  We hope you like it!

However, there are some restrictions: The uploaded file must contain complete EDI Interchanges (the EDI file can contain one or more interchanges.)  It will work with ANSI X12 ('ISA' thru 'IEA'), UN-EDIFACT ('UNA/UNB' thru 'UNZ'), and TRADACOMS ('STX' thru 'END').  The uploaded file cannot be more than 500 KCs.

Let us know what you think by responding to this blog.

Thank you,
Jobisez LLC.

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