Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Faster is Better (Part 3)

Jobisez LLC knows that your time is valuable and that you do not need to sit and wait for a webpage to load.  So Jobisez LLC has tripled its bandwidth.  You will not really notice much of a time speed change on pages like the homepage, because pages like that are relatively small and have already been optimized for peak performance.  However, with many large EDI Implementation Guidelines on the site, IGs that are large PDFs, you will notice a large performance gain on your side.

Jobisez LLC has always known that when seeking an answer on the web, Faster is Better.  Jobisez LLC may not have the most Trading Partners on the web, the most Transaction Sets on the web, the most Solutions, the most Services, but the site has all that and is free to use without requiring a sign-in ID.

Only when communication is needed, does Jobisez LLC ask that you Create a Logon Id.  This is only required because emails are sent to you for Services such as EDI 852 Conversions, or if you ask for a RFQ on an EDI Solution like an EDI VAN quote.

It is Jobisez LLC's hope that your time surfing the website is fast and pleasurable.

Jobisez LLC.

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