Monday, January 16, 2012

Improvements to the EDI 852 to Excel Tool

Jobisez understands the necessity of understanding the EDI 852 Product Activity (POS) document.  We have defined the importance of this document in two of our blogs, What is the EDI 852 and Identifying Sales-Trends.

With this information, we created an Online Tool last year to create a CSV spreadsheet from an EDI 852 transaction.  This tool has been very popular and used quite often.

After careful analysis of the 852s being processed, we needed to add several more LIN qualifiers to the tool so it can be helpful to more companies.

With its new release today, the tool now looks for the following qualifiers in the LIN segment...
1.  UP - U.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-5-5-1)
2.  UB - U.P.C. / EAN Case Code (2-5-5)
3.  ND - National Drug Code 
4.  UI - U.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-5-5)
5.  UD - U.P.C. / EAN Consumer Package Code (2-5-5)
6.  IB - International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
7.  EN - European Article Number (EAN) (2-5-5-1)
8.  EO - GTIN-8
9.  UK - GTIN: U.P.C. / EAN Shipping Container Code (1-2-5-5-1)
10. VN - Vendor's (Seller's) Item Number
11. MG - Manufacturer's Part Number
12. VP - Vendor's (Seller's) Part Number
13. VC - Vendor's (Seller's) Catalog Number
14. VA - Vendor's Style Number
15. IN - Buyer's Item Number
16. PN - Company Part Number
17. BP -  Buyer's Part Number
18. PI - Purchaser's Item Code
19. CB - Buyer's Catalog Number
20. IT - Buyer's Style Number

Please feel free to post a comment on what other features you would like to see this tool do.  For instance, would you like the CTP values on the spreadsheet, or perhaps you would also like to see the Color and Size information too.


Stephen Burch said...

See for more improvements.

Stephen Burch said...

FYI: The "EDI Online Translation" tool has been upgraded to handle any transaction set,

It has also been accompanied with the "EDI Online Lookup" system which enables you to view all your uploaded EDI,

Read more about this here,

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