Monday, September 9, 2013

Jobisez LLC Announces JZNET

Coming soon, the Jobisez Network will give companies the opportunity to transfer data to other organizations for 1 cent per kilo-character.

JZNET is creating a platform to exchange EDI and non-EDI data from one company to another.  JZNET will be using preexisting services that are used by millions of users.  Its backbone is also used by over 95% of the Fortune 500 companies.  These preexisting services are cloud based storage that allow files to be shared.  Using cloud based storage facilities greatly reduces the pricing that a normal "EDI VAN" would charge.

Jobisez LLC will be charging one cent per kilo-character (KC).  There will be three (3) types of billing structures, they are...
1.  Sender pays 1 cent per KC.
2.  One Party pays 1 cent per KC (both sending and receiving).
3.  Each Party pays .5 cents per KC.

There will also be a monthly fee of $10 per mailbox; and they will be a fee of $1 per month for each trading relationship.  (Other fees may be applied that have not been determined yet.)

No need for a traditional VAN.  Using the preexisting cloud-based service, a VAN is not needed to transfer data from one organization to another.  This also helps reduce the cost.

The JZNET will also have a web based application that will be used by the users to view a history of which files and transactions have been processed.

If you are interested in JZNET's 1 cent per KC, please leave comments below.  Jobisez will also be creating more blog entries informing you of our progress.