Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Faster is Better (Part 2)

As mentioned in our first "Faster is Better" posting, Jobisez LLC increased its bandwidth on August 25 to make your navigation through the jobisez.com site even quicker.

Using Analytic Tools, you can see that the Jobisez site is faster than 78% of the sites and pages load in 1.6 seconds.  You may ask yourself, "why or how does this affect me?"

Jobisez is primarily a research site for EDI intelligence.  We understand that your time is essential, and you do not need to wait for pages to load when you need to find an answer quickly.

To make your experience even better, we added a search box to each page, so you can search on any EDI related term you are looking for.

Let us know how we are doing or how we may be more helpful to you!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is the EDI 852 Product Activity Document

Drilling down and understanding the EDI 852 POS document
After posting the Tracking Sales Trends tool blog entry, we thought it would be a good idea to give a better understanding of the POS EDI document.  For the most part, retailers (pretty much) send POS in a standard format, this blog shows a typical POS document.
Wikipedia gives a pretty weak definition of the ANSI X12.852 document.  Its description is too general and does not do a good job showing how voluminous the 852 is, and how it helps manufacturers determine sales trends and outages.
Although the retailers send a typical format, they differ in what types of data quantities they supply.  Most will send Quantity Sold (QS) and Quantity Available for Shipment (QA).  Some will also send Quantity Out-of-Stock (QO), and still other retailers will send Quantity Requested (QX).
This is where the issues arise, each retailer sends different quantities.  That is why we suggested a cloud-based POS Analytics Tool.
Our next blog post will describe the EDI 830 Planning and Forecasting document.  And finally, we will wrap it up with how both the 852 and 830 EDI documents work together.
On another note, the EDI 852 data can be very large if you receive UPC/Store level information.  These transactions can cost a lot of money if you receive the data through an EDI VAN.  Here’s an opportunity to lower your EDI VAN costs.

Identify Sales Trends, Stock-outs, Missed Selling Opportunities and Historical Performance

Achieve retailing efficiency via supply chain collaboration, planning and forecast evaluation.
Retailers provide suppliers with a host of performance and forecast data. The challenge is how to intelligently mine this data to optimize the flow of goods through the supply chain. Analytics hosted business intelligence solutions help suppliers identify key performance indicators and facilitate effective collaboration with retailers.
Cloud-based, managed services collaboration solutions using a combination of sophisticated data warehouse design concepts and presentation tools to analyze forecasting, sell-through (and other supply chain data), forecasts and plans via either direct ERP extract or EDI transaction fees.
  • Hosted Model – No need to acquire and maintain expensive data warehouse hardware and software.
  • Microsoft Excel Driven – Utilize all of the benefits of Excel to work with the data.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting – Query, drill down, analyze voluminous data in real-time.
  • Common Data View – Suppliers and retailers identify and act on opportunities to increase sales and optimize inventory levels.
  • Multiple Data Feeds – Extracted data from ERP applications and EDI transactions.
Before making a decision on whether or not to invest time and money into an Analytics Tool, there is a POS Demo that can be tailored made for your needs.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Online EDI Tools by Jobisez

One of the Services that Jobisez offers are EDI Tools.  These tools primarily massage EDI data and create a format that is more user-friendly.  The Tools start off in our Labs, and when they pass testing, they become Graduates.

This is a newer service that is being offered.  We currently only have a couple of them, so if you have any suggestions, drop us a line, and let us know what tools you think would be helpful to you.

Let us know what you think and how you think we should proceed.  Your input is valuable to us!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Post your EDI Resume at Jobisez

One of Jobisez' free services is the ability to post your EDI Resume.  Since Jobisez is strictly dedicated to EDI related services and solutions, it is beneficial to post your EDI resume to this site.

If you wish to advertise yourself, click on this link and follow the instructions to post your resume.  Upon approval of your resume, it will be posted to the EDI Resume page.  This page has a Search-box that searches all resumes that have been submitted and approved.

I have been in contact with recruiters and have asked them to use Jobisez' Resume page to find potential candidates for their open permanent and part-time work.

The more popular this page becomes, the more the recruiters will be using the facility giving you the ability to get a job during these tough economic times.

If your are looking for a job or are looking for a new job, it can't hurt to post your resume here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Faster is Better!

On May 11, 2011, Jobisez LLC bought and installed a new "stronger, better, faster" server to help your surfing and searching experience even better.
As you can tell from the graph (from Google Webmaster Tools,) you will notice that the time spent downloading a page dropped dramatically.  We aim to bring the most relevant EDI information to you as fast as possible.
We also just increased the bandwidth to make your surfing experience even quicker.  When those graphs become available, they will be posted on this blog too.
So just hang on, it's gonna be a fast ride!

Jobisez Blog Grand Opening!

Welcome to the Official Jobisez Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) blog.  Here we will be discussing EDI related material ranging from Trading Partners (TPs), Transaction Sets (Set IDs), EDI Services and Solutions.
Over the years there has been a vast knowledge base of information collected about the pros and cons of EDI.  We will be discussing where to gather information from blogs, news and resumes.
We will also be discussing the direction that Jobisez LLC is heading.  So, hang onto your hats, it's going to be a wild ride!